Lucente’s Slanted History

Thomas Lucente has once again offered his slanted view of history (May 10, The Lima News,) while accusing others of his sin. I do not accuse him of racism but I do accuse him of intellectual dishonesty.

He accuses President Lincoln of destroying the America created by the founders and declares that Lincoln’s reference to the “new nation” which was created to be a lie.

Ohio Won't Have a Poll Tax After All

How can there be a poll tax in Ohio when the 24th Amendment to the Constitution forbids one? That’s easy—don’t call it a poll tax. Ohio Senate Republicans inserted a last minute amendment to the state transportation budget after the public hearings were over. (I wonder why they didn’t want public discussion of this amendment.)

Trade Agreements shouldn't have "Fast Track" Authority

We were the largest creditor nation in the world.  As the eighties progressed our trade deficits continued to increase and today we are the largest debtor nation in the world.  In the early 1980s Sam Walton, a business man, said “We cannot continue to be a solvent nation as long as we pursue this current accelerating direction.” He was referring to the trade deficit. Those trade deficits he referred to were miniscule in the 1980s compared to the ones today. He was correct. We are now seventeen trillion in debt with interest eating up part of our budget.

Rob Portman signs letter to the Ayatollah

Senator Rod Portman was among the 47 Senators who sent a letter to Iran on March 9, 2015 that said an agreement with the President of the United States would likely not be honored by future Presidents. The stupidity of trying to prevent a nuclear non-proliferation agreement is made even worse since the wording of the letter suggests that agreements signed by any President are only good as long as he (or she) is in office.

Kasich’s Spendthrift Ways

Governor Kasich pretends to be a fiscal conservative but in fact is following his spendthrift Wall Street, Lehman Brothers habits. Governor Strickland’s last biennial general revenue fund (GRF) budget was $50.7 Billion. Kasich’s first biennial budget increased GRF spending to $55.8 Billion. His new GRF budget increases spending to $62.3 Billion. Thus Kasich has increased spending by $12.5 Billion in his second biennial budget over what Governor Strickland spent in his last biennial budget. But worse than that is where Kasich is spending the money.

Malcolm McCoy

The world is a poorer place than it was a day ago; Malcolm McCoy left us Thursday morning. Malcolm brought so much to so many: as an educator to the many students and teachers whose lives he touched, to his family, his many friends, and to mere acquaintances who experienced his exceptional joy in living. You could not be in the same room with him without feeling better. For Malcolm the cup was never half-full or half-empty, it always overflowed. The picture in the Lima News showing him carrying the Olympic Torch conveys so clearly his openness and joy.

Our Chair Beverly McCoy with the President

Here's another picture from the President's visit--this one with our Chair Beverly McCoy.

Great Picture from the President's Visit

Necole Brownlow hugging some guy

Early Voting this Weekend

Don't forget that you will be able to vote this weekend at the Board of Elections office, 204 N. Main. Early voting hours will be 8am-2pm on Saturday, 1pm-5pm on Sunday, and 8am-2pm on Monday. The President deserves our thanks for visiting Lima--first Democratic President to visit here since Harry Truman. All of you going to the President's visit on Friday--if you haven't already voted, it would be an excellent present to him to vote that day. The Board of Elections office will be open until 6pm so there'll be plenty of time to get there after the President's speech.

Why we need more firemen and fewer Republicans

Abe Zaidan, who blogs as Grumpy Abe, has a blog entry everyone should read today. Remember back in July when the President was trying to get a bill passed to allow communities to hire more police, firemen, and teachers? Romney ridiculed the notion and the House Republicans of course said no. The Akron Beacon Journal reported today on a fire that destroyed a church in Norton, Ohio. The Chief said that they couldn't get there in time because of a longer response time and lack of personnel. Due to failed levies the local station has to close from 10pm to 6am.


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