Early Voting Starts Today--Oct 2nd

I just voted. Barack Obama, Sherrod Brown, Jim Sloan, Bo Huenke, Connie Miller, Supreme Court (Mike Skindell, Yvette McGee Brown, William O’Neill.) Yes on Issue 2--redistricting and on the Lima schools levy. You may copy from my paper just this once. ;-) The hours this week are 8-5 Tue-Fri. It is important that we get as many early votes as possible. Not only will you feel good about having voted, you can help with the get out the vote effort on Election Day. So toddle on down to the Board of Elections and cast your ballot. It is the patriotic and cool thing to do.

Answering the Medicare Lie

What a great speech Bill Clinton gave last night! If that didn't get you up and ready to work hard on getting out the vote I don't know what it would take. Having said that, there is one point where I think Clinton's speech could have been improved. As my title suggests that is in answering the Republicans' Medicare lie. Suppose that your wife normally spends $1000 a month on groceries. She then gets inspired by reading about saving money through using coupons. This month she clips and uses coupons, buys the same food, but spends $800. Did your wife steal $200 from your food budget?

Day 1 of the Convention--Wow!

I was going to write about something else, but after seeing the first day of the convention and particularly Michelle Obama's speech all I can say is -- Wow! All I can say is that everyone else who is speaking at this convention, including Barack, is lucky they didn't have to follow directly after that. Everyone was blown away. Even the pundits. Even Faux News. That was the most perfect and perfectly delivered speech it has ever been my pleasure to hear. We have an incredible First Lady. I also want to note that Ohio had an excellent speech from Governor Ted Strickland.

Republicans and labor safety

Just how little do Republicans care about the lives of workers? They want to cut the budget for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and make it harder for it to create new regulations. Is that because it is not doing its job? No, in fact we can trace a very close relationship between the increase in the budget of OSHA and the decrease in the number of deaths among workers.

Ohio Thowing Most Vulnerable Off Welfare Rolls." 6/19/12

"Since January 2011, Ohio has thrown nearly 70,000 people—including 40,000 children—off of the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) cash assistance program, called Ohio Works First (OWF). That’s nearly 25 percent of the state’s TANF caseload. The reason? The state faces up to $130 million in federal penalties if 50 percent of the adults receiving assistance don’t meet the federal work participation requirement by September 30" [Greg Kaufman in The Nation magazine.] Imagine a mother with two children. The maximum benefit she could receive is $450 in Ohio.

Public Higher Education vs Prisons in Ohio 5/13/12

There was an interesting article in The New York Times on Saturday. It Talked a lot about Ohio Northern and student debt. One section caught my eye. "Ohio’s flagship university, Ohio State, now receives 7 percent of its budget from the state, down from 15 percent a decade ago and 25 percent in 1990. The price of tuition and fees since 2002 increased about 60 percent in today’s dollars. The consequence? Three out of five undergraduates at Ohio State take out loans, and the average debt is $24,840.

Alberta Shurelds' tree 5/8/12

In celebration of Alberta Shurelds\' life.

Campaign Kickoff 5/6/12

Having read The Lima News totally inadequate story on Obama's appearance yesterday, I was inspired to try harder in figuring out how to get my pictures on the web site. I did it and here they are.

Campaign Starts 5/5/12

For those of you who weren't able to go to Columbus for the kickoff campaign for President Obama's second term, I wanted to bring you some pictures from the event. Unfortunately the upload for the site has an absolute maximum of 2 meg and all but one of my pictures is slightly over the maximum--2.1 or 2.2. I'm sure there is a solution, unfortunately I'm not used to working with image files so I don't know what to do. If you do, please e-mail me at In the meantime here's the one picture which fit.

Must see Chart of Productivity vs Wages 5/2/12

We all know that income distribution in the US has been becoming more and more unequal. Where has all that money come from to enrich the 1%? This chart shows very clearly where it has come from.

Productivity vs. Wages

Productivity vs. Wages


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