How Ryan Budget Hurts Children 4/27/12

Think Progress has an excellent chart showing how the Ryan Budget hurts children. Click on chart to enlarge. Remember this is the budget endorsed by the Republicans in the House and by Mittens. Tell people about it.

Sherrod Brown House Party 4/22/12

We had a house party for Sherrod Brown today. Michael Childers, Recruiter for Friends of Sherrod in northwest Ohio, came and talked to us about the campaign and the coordination between Sherrod's campaign, Obama's campaign and the state party. It sounds like everyone's working well together. Everyonr agreed that we really need to pull together to elect Democrats up and down the ticket. Be sure to remember Jim Slone for the House of Representatives, Bo Huenke for State Representative, and Connie Miller for Allen County Commissioner. Here is a picture from the event.

The Lima News & the Editor’s Note 4/19/12

Pardon me while I snicker. You may have noticed that the Lima News published my last Talking Points entry here as a letter to the editor (though cutting the last sentence.) The great part is that my letter got sufficiently under their skin that they added an Editor’s Note. “The editorial merely pointed out that, given the Congressional Budget Office revision and the additional Medicare costs – which the letter seems to agree are coming – the overall cost will be far higher than the public was originally led to believe.” Really, that is all you were doing?

Lima News attacks Affordable Care Act 4/14/12

Here is a letter to the editor of the Lima News that I just sent off responding to their editorial. The Lima News editorial on April 14 attacking the Affordable Care Act offered distorted reasoning. The title implies that Blahous’s claim that it will increase the debt is correct. You then mention that his critics point out that his estimates assume that when the Medicare Trust Fund runs out that Congress will not spend any more money on Medicare. That Congress will simply allow millions of Americans to go without Medicare or strictly ration their care.

Reagan & the Buffett Rule 4/13/12

If you haven’t heard about the Republicans favorite president attacking the position of the current Republican Party here’s the story. The website Think Progress I believe deserves the credit for breaking the story. Here is the video.

HeathCare deadlines 4/11/12

I got a 136 page 8 ½ X 11 inch booklet (with a 23 page appendix) from my friendly commercial health care insurance company. On page 78 they explained to me that if I was receiving home health care, skilled nursing care or rehabilitation care and they decided to stop paying for my care, they would give me a letter that they were going to stop paying at least two days before they stopped paying. On page 80 they also tell me that if I want to appeal their decision I must act quickly.

FrackingTax Realities 4/5/12

The Columbus Dispatch praises Kasich’s proposal to increase the severance tax on gas and oil from fracking and use the revenue to reduce the income tax. The Dispatch gushes that giving people “a chance to hold on to more of their own tax dollars is the kind of real stimulus that can propel an economy.” Let’s test their enthusiasm. The income tax currently brings in approximately $8.3 billion dollars. Applying the Dispatch’s estimate that the severance tax “could reach” $500 million annually. If all of that money were expended in lowing the income tax rate, it would lower the rate by 6%.

Speakers at Chairs Club Tomorrow (posted 3/28/12)

Chairs Club will host former state senator Fred Strahorn, currently working for the Ohio Democratic Party, and Adrienne Roy from the Obama campaign. We ask that anyone coming to the Chair's Club please bring an item from the Wish List from the Headquarters for Adrienne to take with her. It will be much appreciated.

Lies on the Affordable Care Act 3/21/12

As usual you can tell when a Republican is lying—his mouth moves. The latest is the claim of a great increase in the cost of the Affordable Care Act. Rob Portman says, “The Congressional Budget Office now projects that the President’s health care law will cost $1.76 trillion over the next decade, nearly double the projection when signed into law.” The projection when it was signed into law was for the years 2010-2019. Remember that most of the law doesn’t start until 2014, so the earlier projection contained four years with minimal costs.

Contact Me on Responses to Ads 3/13/12

If you see an ad or hear a rumor you think should be answered, contact me, Jim Bode, at and tell me about it. I'll do some research and give you some talking points for your friends and neighbors. Even if you can answer it yourself, contact me and tell me how you answered it and I'll put it up here so that others can see it. The more we all are able to spread the truth, the better for everyone. Talk to your friends and neighbors! Make sure they hear the truth. People too often dismiss "preaching to the choir." That's a mistake.


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