The So-Called war on Catholics 3/9/12

The Republicans and conservative columnists are all clutching their pearls over the Obama administration's supposed attack on religion--in particular the Roman Catholic Church. First of all the original order specifically excluded churches and all purely religious institutions. It was only employers who were engaged in non-religious activities such as hospitals that, while associated with a religion, had employees not of that religion and served a mixed audience. The revision puts the burden on the insurance company to pay for the contraceptive coverage for those employers.

Didn’t Vote in The Primary? Shame! 3/7/12

We needed you at the primary. I warned you that the school levy was likely to go down to defeat because more Republicans were likely to turn out. We lost by 100 votes. One hundred! In 2010 too many couldn't be bothered to vote and we got Kasich and a Republican house in both Ohio and D.C. In Ohio that got us SB5. In D.C. we got automatic resistance to every effort to improve the economy and playing chicken with raising the debt limit. We need you on every election and not just general elections but primarys as well.

Connie Miller & St. Patrick’s day Parade 3/3/12

Saturday, March 10, is Lima’s St. Patrick’s Day annual parade down Main Street in downtown Lima. It will be the first opportunity for Connie Miller for ALL of Us to appear at a public event. I need a good show of support as numbers mean a lot in showing the strength of our campaign. We are working to get vehicles for those who cannot walk the parade route. Ron had successful knee replacement surgery on 2-29, so he will not be walking. I will definitely be walking IF I CAN GET ENOUGH PEOPLE TO JOIN ME.

Another Obama Foreign Policy Triumph 2/29/12

North Korea announced today that it had agreed to stop uranium enrichment, allow in U.N. inspectors and suspend missile and nuclear tests. President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton deserve great credit for this step. It is of course only a first step and we will have to wait and see if North Korea follows through on their commitment. Nevertheless, given the bellicose threats which North Korea has been making in recent months, this is a real turnaround. Republicans of course will find something to complain about since their attitude is to blame the President first.

Voter Fraud in Indiana 2/4/12

The Republicans sure are right to be worried about voter fraud and they know whereof they speak. Charlie White, Secretary of State in Indiana, the highest elections official of the state, has just been convicted of six felonies for voter fraud. Maybe we could save money by doing away with the current voter id laws and instead require Republican officials to take lie detector tests before they vote. Just saying.

Vote Absentee on School Issues until March 2 2/3/12

It's important to remember that there are several school issues on the ballot in the Primary on March 6th. The Democratic party urges you to vote early using absentee voting. Absentee voting in person at the Board of Elections, 204 N. Main St in Lima is available 8:30-4:30 Monday through Friday. Remember Kasich and the Republicans have cut funds to the schools and local governments. As a resident of Lima I'm well aware of how hard the teachers and the administration have worked to stretch available funds. They need your support for the levy.

More Casino Losses Thanks to Kasich 1/31/12

You may remember my pointing out the enormous loss Ohio sustained due to Kasich’s “bargaining” (see Kasich Casino Deal a Huge Loss”.) In Monday’s Lima News we see another loss as Kasich pays off his buddies with lucrative state contracts. Spectrum Gaming Group was paid more than $1.5 million for developing rules for the four state casinos. Don’t we have lots of lawyer’s in the Attorney General’s office that are already being paid to do the state’s legal work? But that’s not all. Kasich also hired a second casino consultant, Los Angeles based Moelis & Company.

A Familiar Voice 1/29/12

I recommend a visit to; they have a new blogger there. If you peruse the writings of one Dennis S. I think you may find the rhetoric familiar. Many of you have asked me about what Dennis is up to in South Carolina. Aside from heading up the local, very small, progressive group; trying to put backbone into the local Democratic party; appearing at demonstrations both locally and at the state capitol; he is now blogging on a national blog.

Important Scholarship Opportnity 1/10/12

The Tuskegee Airmen Scholarship Foundation will make available 40 scholarships of $1500 in 2012. Applicants must be students of accredited high schools who have graduated or will graduate in the school year 2011-2012 with a grade point average of at least 3.0 on a four-point scale. This is an excellent opportunity to apply for a scholarship many students overlook. It also is a reminder of an important chapter in American history.


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