Consumer Financial Protection Bureau 12/13/11

Since this is the Allen County Democratic Website, I normally write about Ohio and Allen County concerns and not about national issues. However since the nomination of Richard Cordray to lead the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau ties back to Ohio, I thought I would talk about it. As you remember Richard Cordray was first the best Treasurer Ohio has ever had and then the most effective Attorney General. Everyone agrees, even Republicans admit, he is eminently qualified for the job. What’s the trouble? The trouble is that the Republicans are afraid he would actually be effective.

Huffman’s Raid on Shawnee Schools 11/21/11

Matt Huffman’s voucher bill is a bad bill for public schools in general. To see just how bad a bill it is consider the case of Shawnee Schools. Under the bill students who are already attending private schools are still entitled to vouchers as long as they meet the income guidelines. This means that a student who never attended public schools and never intended to is still able to get a voucher. How bad a deal is this for Shawnee Schools? Because Shawnee Schools has a robust tax base, it doesn’t receive the full state subsidy for its students. In fact it receives just $960.

Better Redistricting 11/16/11

How bad is House Bill 319? Ohio is a swing state because there are nearly as many Democratic voters as Republican ones. Yet HB 319 produces a 12-4 Republican advantage and only two competitive districts. It does this by splitting counties into 65 county fragments. There is a better way. The Campaign for Accountable Redistricting held a contest to allow people to produce sensible maps which followed all the federal and state rules. The winner was a Republican legislator, Mike Fortner. Unfortunately he was an Illinois state legislator. Sen.

We Did It Thanks to You 11/9/11

61% to 39% ain't it great! Particularly when you consider that in Ohio you could get 30% to agree with a Republican proposal to sell all streets to private businesses and put in toll gates. Kasich's attempt to kill unions with SB5 has been crushed thanks to your work and energy. Of course like a bad penny he'll be back trying to do piece by piece what he couldn't do in one bad bill.

Damned Lies & Lucente 10/30/11

Thought I would give you a preview of a letter to the editor which should be appearing in the Lima News. To paraphrase a certain editorial writer, there are lies, damned lies, and Lucente. He claims to have listened to both sides but he doesn’t mention that it was the yes on two side that got caught in grandmagate. They stole the image and chopped the words of Marlene Quinn asking people to vote no on Issue Two and put them in an ad in favor of Issue Two. That apparently doesn’t bother Lucente.

Dead Tigers and Kasich 10/23/11

You’ve all heard about the disaster in Zanesville when Terry Thompson opened the cages of the exotic animals he owned, included 18 endangered Bengal tigers, and then committed suicide. But how many of you are aware that Governor Strickland had issued an executive order to prevent people who had been convicted of abuse or neglect of animals from owning exotic pets? Thompson had such a conviction, but Kasich allowed the order to lapse. Kasich said at the time he did so because he had heard concerns from small business owners. Now that the tragedy has occurred he’s changing his story.

More Desperation from the Yes on Two Camp 10/18/11

After the backfire of the ad “Building a Better Ohio” put out pretending the great-grandmother (who was urging a NO vote on Issue Two) was in fact endorsing Issue Two. Poor “Building a Better Ohio.” It’s so embarrassing to have your lies exposed isn’t it? After that backfire, they are now trying to justify there ridiculous claim that public workers make 40% more than private workers other than the stupid British “study” I talked about earlier. Of course since the facts are that public workers make less than private workers by 3.5%, they have there work cut out for them.

Legislators Exempted 9/28/11

The e-mail I got from “Building a Better Ohio” had more lies; I just wrote about the worst one in my previous post. The e-mail clamed there were three myths about SB5. The first “myth” they mentioned was: “MYTH #1: Issue 2 doesn't allow public safety forces to ask for safety gear or staff support.” Their reply was that safety services can demand safety equipment. This is an enormous lie. All the relevant amendment (put into SB5 at the last minute) permitted was for the employees to collectively bargain for safety equipment—not demand it.

More Lies by Issue 2 Proponents 9/28/11

I just got an e-mail from the "Building a Better Ohio" panders. In it they claimed a "recent study" showed public workers got 43% better pay and benefits than private workers. Since I knew that in fact public workers in Ohio get 3.5% less than their private counterparts, I wondered where they got this study. So I Googled it. The study was reported in the Daily Mail and compared public and private workers in Great Britain! Further it ignored education and experience differences, when those were taken into account the difference sank to single digits and even that was disputed.

Lucente’s fact challeged editorial 9/20/11

I just sent this to the Lima News, we'll see if they print it. Thomas Lucente in his editorial on Sunday accused We Are Ohio of lying. His big point was that the legislators had specifically excluded themselves and their staff from SB5 right there in the law therefore handing out big raises wasn’t exploiting a “loophole” as We Are Ohio had claimed. Someone at the paper should explain to the dear boy that if a loophole isn’t in the law, then it isn’t a loophole—it’s a crime. He then goes on to claim that firefighters, police, and nurses don’t make sacrifices.


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