Answering the Medicare Lie

What a great speech Bill Clinton gave last night! If that didn't get you up and ready to work hard on getting out the vote I don't know what it would take. Having said that, there is one point where I think Clinton's speech could have been improved. As my title suggests that is in answering the Republicans' Medicare lie. Suppose that your wife normally spends $1000 a month on groceries. She then gets inspired by reading about saving money through using coupons. This month she clips and uses coupons, buys the same food, but spends $800. Did your wife steal $200 from your food budget? Of course not--she saved $200! That's exactly what Obama did with Medicare. The hospitals are accepting lower reimbursements for the same services. Why would they do this? For the same reason that grocery stores and manufacturers give coupons--they expect to get more business. Since the Affordable Care Act means that more people will have insurance, the hospitals will have more paying customers and fewer people who unable to pay. That means they can afford to pay less. What did Obama use that money for? He used it to Improve and strengthen Medicare. The savings lengthened the life of the Medicare fund by eight years immediately. He used the money to close the doughnut hole in the prescription drug plan. Medicare now offers free preventative care--no deductible, no co-pay. I want to point out that this analogy is not mine. The credit for it goes to a blogger on Dailykos who writes under the name of 'life is making tacos.' She laid out this analogy in a diary entitled "Defeat the Medicare Lie Easily...with Groceries!" I have taught logic for more than forty years and I can assure you that to convince people you need to paint a picture they can understand. This analogy is perfect. Everyone knows about coupons and uses them at least occasionally. People know that is savings and they understand why grocery stores and companies offer coupons. It's an explanation which makes sense to them. Use this analogy. Talk about it to your friends. All Democrats need to hear about this analogy so they can tell those famous independents about it (and that dying breed the moderate Republican who is looking bewilderdly for a home.)