Campaign Kickoff 5/6/12

Having read The Lima News totally inadequate story on Obama's appearance yesterday, I was inspired to try harder in figuring out how to get my pictures on the web site. I did it and here they are.

Volunteers waiting to get in at 9:30--six lines back and forth on the parking lot.

More volunteers waiting--about ten or eleven lines (Lima news says \

A familiar face from Hardin County waiting to get in.

Another familar face--closer to home.

The Shot was packed (10,000 my Aunt Fanny.)

How did Ohio fail to reelect this man?

An American hero.

Six more years!

The Flotus speaks.

Apparently they know one another.

Four more years!

Four more years of eloquence.

Four more years of hands-on management.

Four more years of thoughtfulness.

It was an inspiring and moving experience. What these pictures cannot convey is the enthusiasm. My ears were still ringing an hour after we left the arena. We have a President and a First Lady to be proud of. We need to talk that up with our friends, neighbors and relatives. We also need to push for the elections of Sherrod Brown, Jim Slone, Bo Huenke, Connie Miller, Yvette McGee Brown, and William O'Neill.