Damned Lies & Lucente 10/30/11

Thought I would give you a preview of a letter to the editor which should be appearing in the Lima News. To paraphrase a certain editorial writer, there are lies, damned lies, and Lucente. He claims to have listened to both sides but he doesn’t mention that it was the yes on two side that got caught in grandmagate. They stole the image and chopped the words of Marlene Quinn asking people to vote no on Issue Two and put them in an ad in favor of Issue Two. That apparently doesn’t bother Lucente. Lucente calls an ad which points to the dangers of forbidding safety services from negotiating on staffing levels a lie and then much later admits that Issue Two would forbid it but says he likes that. He says police and firemen can still do what any citizen can do. How often have you been at a fire? Were you expected to risk your life there? How often has a fireman been at a fire and been expected to risk his life? But Lucente doesn’t think the fireman deserves any more say about staffing levels than you have! Lucente talks about “out-of-control compensation packages” but offers no evidence. Dr. Jeffrey Keefe of Rutgers University carefully matched pubic workers with private workers in education, experience, etc. and showed that the total compensation (including health care and retirement) for public workers was 3.5% less than comparable private workers. As usual Lucente doesn’t bother with actual facts he just relies on loaded language. Issue is unfair. The claim that public workers can negotiate on their pay is a sham. Police and firemen already can’t strike and Issue Two takes away arbitration. What is left is collective begging not collective bargaining. Notice that legislators want no part of what they are trying to force upon other public workers—they have explicitly excluded themselves from pay for performance. Vote no on Issue Two.