Day 1 of the Convention--Wow!

I was going to write about something else, but after seeing the first day of the convention and particularly Michelle Obama's speech all I can say is -- Wow! All I can say is that everyone else who is speaking at this convention, including Barack, is lucky they didn't have to follow directly after that. Everyone was blown away. Even the pundits. Even Faux News. That was the most perfect and perfectly delivered speech it has ever been my pleasure to hear. We have an incredible First Lady. I also want to note that Ohio had an excellent speech from Governor Ted Strickland. He gave one of the strongest speeches I have ever seen him give. He has always given good speeches but this one went after the Republicans in a way I have never seen him do before. The whole day was filled with strong speeches and showed a Democratic Party we can be proud of. I can hardly wait for the next two nights.