Didn’t Vote in The Primary? Shame! 3/7/12

We needed you at the primary. I warned you that the school levy was likely to go down to defeat because more Republicans were likely to turn out. We lost by 100 votes. One hundred! In 2010 too many couldn't be bothered to vote and we got Kasich and a Republican house in both Ohio and D.C. In Ohio that got us SB5. In D.C. we got automatic resistance to every effort to improve the economy and playing chicken with raising the debt limit. We need you on every election and not just general elections but primarys as well. People turned out to defeat SB5 but if you only turn out to defeat disasters you'll spend all your time beating out the flames. No bills will be passed to help you--you don't make enough money to be worth a Republican's time. There was a reason the Republicans pushed through SB5. They know that non-rich people are only strong when they are united, so they attacked the unions. We must be united because that is the only way we can be strong. We need everyone to come out and vote in elections. If we could get everyone who showed up to vote down SB5 to show up in every election we would scare the pants off the GOP and there would soon be a lot fewer of them in office! But it takes unity. It takes resolve. It takes voting! Friends don't let friends fail to vote.