HeathCare deadlines 4/11/12

I got a 136 page 8 ½ X 11 inch booklet (with a 23 page appendix) from my friendly commercial health care insurance company. On page 78 they explained to me that if I was receiving home health care, skilled nursing care or rehabilitation care and they decided to stop paying for my care, they would give me a letter that they were going to stop paying at least two days before they stopped paying. On page 80 they also tell me that if I want to appeal their decision I must act quickly. In fact I must contact the Quality Improvement Organization to start my appeal “no later than noon of the day after you receive the written notice telling you when we will stop covering your care.” Can you imagine how the heads of the tea pot people would explode if this were language in the Affordable Care Act!? But of course this is ok because it comes from my lovable insurance company, which has only my best interests at heart. Notice how they carefully warned me that I must act quickly. Of course another question is how many people manage to plow through all 136 pages (plus the 23 page appendix.) But they sent it to you so it’s not there fault if you don’t read it thoroughly and with clear understanding. Besides I’m sure that an interest in profit wouldn’t lead the private insurance company bureaucrats to stop paying for my care too early, unlike those nasty government bureaucrats.