Kasich’s Spendthrift Ways

Governor Kasich pretends to be a fiscal conservative but in fact is following his spendthrift Wall Street, Lehman Brothers habits. Governor Strickland’s last biennial general revenue fund (GRF) budget was $50.7 Billion. Kasich’s first biennial budget increased GRF spending to $55.8 Billion. His new GRF budget increases spending to $62.3 Billion. Thus Kasich has increased spending by $12.5 Billion in his second biennial budget over what Governor Strickland spent in his last biennial budget. But worse than that is where Kasich is spending the money. He is not using this higher spending to support education or local government. Indeed in his first budget he took Billions from schools and local government. This forced schools to lay off teachers and cut corners on maintenance and in many cases come to voters for property tax increases. Local governments were faced with the same problems laying people off, cutting maintenance, raising taxes and fees. But this pain was not because the State budget decreased. As pointed out above the first state budget increased by over $5 Billion dollars. This permitted Kasich to vastly increase the salaries of his top appointees and give state money to favored companies. The new budget continues this bloating of State government and starving local governments and schools. The propaganda is that the schools are being given an enormous increase. The fact is that compared to what they received in Strickland’s last budget they are still being shorted by $600 million. Local governments are being treated even worse. They are receiving $1.5 Billion less than Strickland’s last budget. Thus Kasich is taking more then $2 Billion from locals to feed the State’s excessive expansion.