Lima News attacks Affordable Care Act 4/14/12

Here is a letter to the editor of the Lima News that I just sent off responding to their editorial. The Lima News editorial on April 14 attacking the Affordable Care Act offered distorted reasoning. The title implies that Blahous’s claim that it will increase the debt is correct. You then mention that his critics point out that his estimates assume that when the Medicare Trust Fund runs out that Congress will not spend any more money on Medicare. That Congress will simply allow millions of Americans to go without Medicare or strictly ration their care. That is clearly an absurd assumption, but it is the foundation of Blahous’s claims. The editorial then proceeds to try to answer the critics by pointing out that Congress has always supported and indeed expanded Medicare. But that is precisely evidence that Blahous’s assumption is ludicrous! Instead of supporting Blahous you have shown that his claims are clearly based on nonsense. Congress is not going to abandon millions of senior citizens. With another twist you quote a Congressional Budget Office report that indicates rising costs of the Affordable Care Act without mentioning two important facts. First the rising costs were in part caused by the fact that federal program costs are determined by an estimate of the next ten years. Since the Affordable Care Act does not take full effect until 2014, many of the costs will not kick in until then. Since we are now two years closer to that point, two low cost years have fallen off the estimate and two high cost years have been added. Second the report you are quoting specifically said that it was not including the cost reductions that the Affordable Care Act will bring. The Congressional Budget Office has not changed its estimate that the Affordable Care Act will reduce the deficit. Unlike the Supreme Court I have read every word and it is excellent legislation.