More Lies by Issue 2 Proponents 9/28/11

I just got an e-mail from the "Building a Better Ohio" panders. In it they claimed a "recent study" showed public workers got 43% better pay and benefits than private workers. Since I knew that in fact public workers in Ohio get 3.5% less than their private counterparts, I wondered where they got this study. So I Googled it. The study was reported in the Daily Mail and compared public and private workers in Great Britain! Further it ignored education and experience differences, when those were taken into account the difference sank to single digits and even that was disputed. How desperate are these weasels that they have to use such a ridiculous statistic to prop up their argument. Tell people about this sham. Expose the desperation of those pushing SB5. We need to let people know about these lies because there is big money backing them and the lies are going to be all over TV ads.