Ohio Thowing Most Vulnerable Off Welfare Rolls." 6/19/12

"Since January 2011, Ohio has thrown nearly 70,000 people—including 40,000 children—off of the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) cash assistance program, called Ohio Works First (OWF). That’s nearly 25 percent of the state’s TANF caseload. The reason? The state faces up to $130 million in federal penalties if 50 percent of the adults receiving assistance don’t meet the federal work participation requirement by September 30" [Greg Kaufman in The Nation magazine.] Imagine a mother with two children. The maximum benefit she could receive is $450 in Ohio. She obviously can't afford a car and with a travel allowance of $25 to $50 a month, its hard to get to her 30-hour per week work assignment. If she misses, she is labeled as lazy, refusing to work, she's kicked off the rolls and receives no cash assistance and may be kicked off food stamps and Medicaid as well. Now she suddenly finds herself with no cash assistance, one-third less food stamps and no Medicaid. Jack Frech, director of the Athens County Department of Job and Family Services in Appalachian Ohio, says "... essentially what we are doing is sanctioning the poorest, most vulnerable families in the state by [more than] $120 million a year to avoid the $130 million penalty.” Read the full article at http://www.thenation.com/blog/168418/week-poverty-disposable-families-ohio