Reagan & the Buffett Rule 4/13/12

If you haven’t heard about the Republicans favorite president attacking the position of the current Republican Party here’s the story. The website Think Progress I believe deserves the credit for breaking the story. Here is the video.

Bill Press in the Chicago Tribune on April 12th elaborated on this: McConnell and other Republicans also say they could never ask millionaires to pay more because that would violate the spirit of Republican icon Ronald Reagan, which just proves that they don't know Ronald Reagan any better than some evangelists know Jesus. President Reagan, in fact, did not oppose the principle of the Buffett Rule. He was the first to champion it. Speaking at Northside High School in Atlanta, Ga., on June 6, 1985, Reagan vowed to get rid of loopholes that created unfairness in the tax code. "Some of those loopholes were understandable," he acknowledged, "but in practice they sometimes made it possible for millionaires to pay nothing, while a bus driver was paying 10 percent of his salary -- and that's crazy!" A few weeks later, speaking at the White House, Reagan doubled-down on tax fairness, citing a letter he'd received from a wealthy American who, like Buffett, simply by taking advantage of loopholes, was able to pay a lower tax rate than his secretary. "He wrote me the letter to tell me he'd like to come to Washington and testify before Congress as to how that's possible for him to do -- and why it is wrong!" (The above should be block quoted but when I do that the video disappears--sorry. I'll keep trying to figure it out.) Reagan left the moderate Republican Party of Eisenhower, while the current Republican Party has left Reagan to lurch into madness. Our own Jim Jordan will undoubtedly now start talking about the REAL Ronald Reagan before the poor old duffer succumbed to socialism (probably the delayed result of all those years in Hollywood.) For any Republicans reading this, I thought this was a good time for it—happy Friday the 13th.