Redistricting 8/30/11

The Republicans are redistricting the state in secret. Armand Budish, House minority leader, is the only Democrat on the Apportionment Board. He has been pushing the board to make their maps public and to rank their maps for compliance with the Ohio Constitution and federal law. They have stonewalled him. Meanwhile the Campaign for Accountable Redistricting has held a contest to produce an equitable redistricting map. The good news is that the winner of the contest is a Republican legislator. The bad news is that he is a legislator in Illinois. That’s right the contest made tools available worldwide to redistrict Ohio and the winner was Mike Fortner, State Representative for the 95th District of Illinois. The map that Fortner produced has 25 highly competitive state house districts as compared to ten currently. An equal number of senate districts favoring the Republicans and Democrats, as compared to current districts that favor Republicans in 20 out of 33 districts. Only 37 county fragments in the house and senate combined, as compared to 68 currently. We need to let people know what is going on. Talk to your friends and neighbors. Write a letter to the editor demanding that the Apportionment Board make public their map and compare it to Fortner’s. Call The office of Secretary of State Jon Husted toll-free at: (877) 767-6446.