Republicans and labor safety

Just how little do Republicans care about the lives of workers? They want to cut the budget for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and make it harder for it to create new regulations. Is that because it is not doing its job? No, in fact we can trace a very close relationship between the increase in the budget of OSHA and the decrease in the number of deaths among workers. As you can see deaths of workers are down by almost one-third—something like 2000 lives saved a year. Republicans just think we’re tying the hands of businessmen. The regulations are too burdensome. Just as they think the poor and the elderly have it too easy, they think that workers are too safe. They’re apparently saying, “Only 4500 workers killed a year? Lighten up OSHA. Ease up on those poor businessmen.” Of course the poor businessmen are already making record profits. I cannot understand how people are not livid with rage at the callousness of the positions taken by the Republican party.