The So-Called war on Catholics 3/9/12

The Republicans and conservative columnists are all clutching their pearls over the Obama administration's supposed attack on religion--in particular the Roman Catholic Church. First of all the original order specifically excluded churches and all purely religious institutions. It was only employers who were engaged in non-religious activities such as hospitals that, while associated with a religion, had employees not of that religion and served a mixed audience. The revision puts the burden on the insurance company to pay for the contraceptive coverage for those employers. But that is not enough! No sir! This is a direct assault on Catholicism. It is a violation of the constitutional guarantee of the free exercise of religion! Let's see: Mormons are forbidden to have more than one wife. Amish employers, though their religion prohibits participation in government support programs, are forced to pay social security tax for their employees. Native Americans whose religion requires the use of peyote are forbidden the use of peyote. But Catholicism is under attack because the companies who provide their associated businesses insurance must provide contraceptive coverage? I don't think so.