Koch brothers Organizing NOW not 2016

The Koch brothers are provided a $125 million 2015 budget for Americans for Prosperity. The money is to improve AFP’s data system and to pay hundreds of local staff in communities throughout the nation for get-out the vote efforts.

That’s the 2015 budget. More will come in 2016. We can’t sit on our hands and say. “Oh the election's still a year and a half away. There’s plenty of time.” We need to be organizing now, not at some future date. We all have our lives to lead, but talking to your neighbors about the importance of voting doesn’t take much time.

Talk to friends and see if they would be willing to talk to their neighbors. Give your name and the names of anyone you recruit to an executive committee member or send that information using contact us or contact webmaster. We won’t ask you to organize things or canvas or any of the other standard GOTV activities. You’ll be provided with everything you need. All you have to do is talk to your neighbors.

We can’t match the Koch brothers' money but we outnumber them; all we need to do is to take action! Don’t let them buy America.