Broken Promises

During the campaign Trump said he supported the restoration projects for the Great Lakes. He claimed he would protect the jobs of those who depended on the Great Lakes and the water supplies of those who drew their water from them. After winning the election using the votes of those surrounding the Great Lakes, it was suddenly a different story. The budget he submitted to Congress removes all funding for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. So Ohioans whose jobs depend on Lake Erie, or who get their water from it, or who use it for recreation have just been stiffed.

Another broken promise. Remember the promise to release his tax returns as soon as possible. Oh, sorry, he meant to say never.

Remember how there was to be better health care for everyone at less cost? The actual bill he touted would have thrown millions off health care and cost many, particularly seniors, much more, for some as much as their entire income. It was so bad he couldn’t even get the Republican House to vote for it.

Now he seems to be intent on starting something in Syria after saying during the campaign that we should stay out of Syria. Oh but we are told it was because of those dead babies. Those same babies who his executive orders said were far too dangerous to come to the U.S.

The White House seems to be in chaos, perhaps because the one who should be in charge spends almost every weekend on vacation playing golf. That’s right I seem to remember campaign criticisms of the former President for playing too much golf. More broken promises.