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The headline read “Cultural fence-mending unfinished.” Turning to the editorial page brings to light the issue of insufficient household income. It goes on to explain education may be one of the few ways out.

Boomerang Economics: Boom or Bust?

One would think a constant failure to control or even limit the increases of the national debt, $20 plus trillion, would draw attention to cause and effect. The interest we pay on that is now almost a quarter trillion a year. That’s some serious cash with get nothing in return.

John Q Public

This is a story about John Q. Public. 

John grew up and graduated in the mid-1960s. He did a stint in college, then went off to Vietnam in service to his country. He returned home, found a 40-hour job with benefits, and something called a defined pension.

In the 1970s, John got married and his wife stayed home to raise their children. They saved their money and managed a 30-percent down payment on a house, something required then on a 15-year loan.

Trade Deals have Cost Jobs

Labor Day arrives with a lot of talk about job loss in Ohio between 2006 and 2010 and tying it to the U.S. Senate race between Republican Rob Portman and Democrat Ted Strickland.

Some would have you believe the lost jobs were a state-level problem caused by Strickland, who was the governor during most of that period. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Job loss has been going on in Ohio for much longer than those four years, thanks to trade agreements on the federal level.

Education Requires Input from Practitioners

Teaching is a proud profession that doesn’t get the respect and admiration it deserves. Few can comprehend spending hours in a classroom with twenty to twenty five energized young students. It cannot be an easy task. Today it is more important than ever to bring industry, business and labor to the table of education.

Dangers of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)

We have sent our men and women into battle to protect our rights and freedoms. In one swoop of the pen this secretive deal could: Overrule American laws and set up tribunals to rule. Change drug maker patent times and generic drug pricing. Only six out of the 30 total chapters in the TPP have anything to do with trade. So what makes up the bulk of this agreement, which was shaped by 500 U.S. corporate advisors? It requires a vote 90 days after submission of this legislation to implement the TPP and change existing U.S. laws to comply with its terms. Prescription drug costs will increase.

Trade Agreements shouldn't have "Fast Track" Authority

We were the largest creditor nation in the world.  As the eighties progressed our trade deficits continued to increase and today we are the largest debtor nation in the world.  In the early 1980s Sam Walton, a business man, said “We cannot continue to be a solvent nation as long as we pursue this current accelerating direction.” He was referring to the trade deficit. Those trade deficits he referred to were miniscule in the 1980s compared to the ones today. He was correct. We are now seventeen trillion in debt with interest eating up part of our budget.

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