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Lucente’s Attempt to Justify Price-Gouging

Thomas Lucente In his Sunday column in the Lima News tried to sell his stale libertarian views with his usual ad hominem attacks and cherry-picked examples.

Hypocrisy on Trumpcare

How much do Republicans in Congress love their new Trumpcare bill? I’ll tell you how much. They love it so much that they exempted themselves from it.

You may remember that members of Congress were required to use the Affordable Care Act. The particular section of the ACA where they were required to use it was Section 1312(d)(3)(D).

Broken Promises

During the campaign Trump said he supported the restoration projects for the Great Lakes. He claimed he would protect the jobs of those who depended on the Great Lakes and the water supplies of those who drew their water from them. After winning the election using the votes of those surrounding the Great Lakes, it was suddenly a different story. The budget he submitted to Congress removes all funding for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. So Ohioans whose jobs depend on Lake Erie, or who get their water from it, or who use it for recreation have just been stiffed.


What’s wrong with the GOPnocare plan currently being touted by Republicans? Let’s start with the AARP’s analysis, “When we examined the impact of both the tax credit changes and 5:1 age rating, our estimates find that, taken together, premiums for older adults could increase by as much as $3,600 for a 55-year old earning $25,000 a year, $7,000 for a 64-year old earning $25,000 a year and up to $8,400 for a 64-year old earning $15,000 a year.” (Letter to Congress on March 7, 2017) It turns out Republicans are touting an age tax.

Bathroom Bill Stupidity

Mark Figley's view in the May 10th issue of the Lima News sees the opposition to the North Carolina bill (HB-2) attempting to force people to use bathrooms against their gender as "a combination of elitist-minded forces." He suggests that those same forces are unconcerned about "discrimination against people of religious faith." He worries that 'predators" will use "an anti-discriminatory bathroom policy to traumatized/victimize women and children."

Koch brothers Organizing NOW not 2016

The Koch brothers are provided a $125 million 2015 budget for Americans for Prosperity. The money is to improve AFP’s data system and to pay hundreds of local staff in communities throughout the nation for get-out the vote efforts.

That’s the 2015 budget. More will come in 2016. We can’t sit on our hands and say. “Oh the election's still a year and a half away. There’s plenty of time.” We need to be organizing now, not at some future date. We all have our lives to lead, but talking to your neighbors about the importance of voting doesn’t take much time.

Lucente’s Slanted History

Thomas Lucente has once again offered his slanted view of history (May 10, The Lima News,) while accusing others of his sin. I do not accuse him of racism but I do accuse him of intellectual dishonesty.

He accuses President Lincoln of destroying the America created by the founders and declares that Lincoln’s reference to the “new nation” which was created to be a lie.

Ohio Won't Have a Poll Tax After All

How can there be a poll tax in Ohio when the 24th Amendment to the Constitution forbids one? That’s easy—don’t call it a poll tax. Ohio Senate Republicans inserted a last minute amendment to the state transportation budget after the public hearings were over. (I wonder why they didn’t want public discussion of this amendment.)

Rob Portman signs letter to the Ayatollah

Senator Rod Portman was among the 47 Senators who sent a letter to Iran on March 9, 2015 that said an agreement with the President of the United States would likely not be honored by future Presidents. The stupidity of trying to prevent a nuclear non-proliferation agreement is made even worse since the wording of the letter suggests that agreements signed by any President are only good as long as he (or she) is in office.

Kasich’s Spendthrift Ways

Governor Kasich pretends to be a fiscal conservative but in fact is following his spendthrift Wall Street, Lehman Brothers habits. Governor Strickland’s last biennial general revenue fund (GRF) budget was $50.7 Billion. Kasich’s first biennial budget increased GRF spending to $55.8 Billion. His new GRF budget increases spending to $62.3 Billion. Thus Kasich has increased spending by $12.5 Billion in his second biennial budget over what Governor Strickland spent in his last biennial budget. But worse than that is where Kasich is spending the money.


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